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Noah in the fresh air system to give you quality assurance!

The haze5Large effects:

1)IndoorPM2.5 Make sure that25ug/m3The following,
2)Have sufficient oxygen。
3)Effective exchange of indoor formaldehyde, Carbon dioxide, Bacteria,The virus,All the harmful substances in the air。
4)Effectively block outside noise, Dust, Reduce the housework。
5)Don't need to replace filter, There is no decay。

Across the country20From a volunteer checkpoint2016Years6Month1The date
Don't interrupt released indoor and outdoor environment monitoring data and images

Installation package price:

      01、A single set of children ¥6800.00  
         For the next generation,Health is more important than anything
          (Children room1TaiwanAIRLIFE03+A detector)

      02、A single set of parents ¥6800.00  
         Filial piety,Can't be talk
          (Parents' room1TaiwanAIRLIFE03+A detector)

      03、A single set of husband and wife ¥6800.00  
         The body is good,To the family
          (The master bedroom1TaiwanAIRLIFE03+A detector)

      04、Family form a complete set of Jane ¥16600.00  
         The whole family good breathing air
          (1TaiwanAIRLIFE03+1TaiwanAIRLIFE08+A detector)

      05、Family economic package ¥6800.00×The room number  
         In good health,In a good mood
          (Each room1TaiwanAIRLIFE03+A detector in each room)

      06、Family complete ¥6800.00×The room number+ 9800.00  
         The whole family can prolong life6Years of above
          (Each room1TaiwanAIRLIFE03+1TaiwanAIRLIFE08+A detector in each room)

Installation method:Noah in the original resistance haze fresh air system installation!

1、Determine the location of the machine,Punch,
Or to replace the window glass;
2、Install the built-in rain package according to the directions on the hole location;
3、Connect the hose machine exhaust opening and rain on the suite;
4、Open the power supply;
5、Air supply outlet with haze table test,PM2.5Value to zero,
Is running normally;
6、Seal the doors and Windows,Try not to open the window to open the door at ordinary times;
(Images in order to avoid stiletto installation will figure)

The buying process:

Open it

Noah opened for you in a healthy life!

  Already well-known hospitals all over the world、Laboratory and home users,Use and trust with Noah in the production of new air circulating system。We have a lot of proud,From design development to production,To marketing channels, etc。


China's first truly、Lasting for clients to thoroughly solve the haze!

   Indoor pollution,About FeiErXi!We've been by applying the international latest technology standards。Build truly safe indoor environment for our customers。Not in the name of the development of packaging itself,Do the work。

The effect

In the industry take the lead in commitment:Indoor normal closed condition,Air quality reached the national standard“Optimal”。

  More professional,More thoroughly,More at ease,The choice of more customers!


Effective air to purify the environment,Efficient removal of indoor pollution

  Fog hit town,Worry about your family's health?
  Open a window ventilated haze,Close the Windows and doors interior to the lack of oxygen,Noah in the professional help you solve the problem!


China merchants to join us

   We can thank you very much for your willing to come with us to improve the living environment of air quality, In order to improve people's quality of life, Enjoy the fresh clean air to make a contribution, In order to be able to fully understand the requirements,We have your request is very simple, Five aspects。

1. The air quality has certain pursuit, Would you like to for more humans breathe with Noah in cleaner air struggle together。
2. Have certain economic strength。
3. The thought is agile, Have certain sales ability and communication skills。
4. No other manufacturers of similar products。
5. Have the ability to recruit a slightly understand hydropower sales assistant。

Noah the merchants to join in the service hotline:

400 9280 400

The free customer service hotline: 400-9280-400

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