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Jiang Xishang tong technology development co., LTD(Stock code837839),Was established2009Years4Month2Day,The company is mainly for the majority of business customers“Cloud communication+Big data”Service。To application communication,For the majority of enterprise customers to provide voice by means of cloud、SMS and Internet communication and application services。In view of the micro, small and medium enterprises,Mainly provide voice communication and cloud call center service;In view of the industry big customer,Mainly provide enterprise messaging and Internet communication,And financial risk control and logistics management in automobile industry solutions。

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It is through the development of science and technology co., LTD. Offers employees the opportunity to show personal talents,To help each employee to realize self value,To realize the overall goal of the company,We have a responsibility to the customer、The partner、Colleagues to share their knowledge and experience。It is the company always adhere to the customer as the center,Rapid response to customer,To pursue differentiation service,Continuously meet the personalized needs of customers,Continuously improve service quality。The customer the demand is me

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