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Introduction to the well-being

Guizhou ankang drinking water equipment co., LTD is one of the largest bottled pure water production equipment manufacturers of guiyang,The specialty is engaged in the mineral water production equipment、Fruit juice beverage production equipment and the development of the reverse osmosis pure water machine、Development、Design、Management of professional technology company。Company with“Quality is the result of science and technology”As a basic idea of enterprise management,Adhere to meet customer needs as the core business activity,To high-quality products and good service,Fulfilling our promise——All companies to provide customers the latest、The most perfect technical and engineering services。
Ten years company services more than one thousand successively in guizhou,The main reverse osmosis membrane water treatment equipment and other pipeline direct drinking water、Softening of water treatment、Wash the irrigation equipment,In the service of medicine, respectively、Chemical industry、Food、Drink、Hairdressing cosmetic and other industries。One of them3T/HThe following water purification room complete sets of equipment of water treatment equipment market in guizhou80%The above,Water dispenser,Household pure water machine,Water purification machines, and other products sales。
“Professional、Innovation、The good faith”It is our foothold,Loyal and look forward to working with people with lofty ideals sessions a pleasant cooperation,Together to create a healthy new life drinking water。


Industry focus

Water treatment equipment operation and maintenance and improvement
----Water treatment equipment operation and maintenance and improve the exploration along with the constant attention and push for water treatment work,In water treatment equipment research and development and the introduction of in our country have very big improvement,In the process of investment constantly strengthened,Water treatment equipment both on the species and quantity have presented a trend of the development。In our country's infrastructure construction in the process of chemical water system,Water treatment equipment, in large part......
Congratulations to the guizhou province show successful health drinking water equipment co., LTD
----Congratulations to the guizhou province show successful health drinking water equipment co., LTD......
Guiyang yunyan district comprehensive control of water environment Ascension nanming river water quality
----Report from our correspondent Since this year,Yunyan district for the masses of the people's need for good water environment,Clear responsibility、The chart,To carry out the comprehensive control of water environment,Booster nanming river deodorization was clear,For ecological civilization city construction power source8Month1Day,The reporter learns from yunyan district,Yunyan district construction of water environment comprehensive treatment contains recycled water、Drainage ditch governance、Black smelly water governance, etc,Is to improve the nanming river......
The future trend of the development of ankang water treatment equipment
----Ankang is a research and development in guizhou、Manufacturing、Sales in the integration of environmental protection equipment specialized factory,The factory has always attached great importance to science and technology innovation and quality management,And have a high quality、High efficient wastewater treatment professional promotion service team,Committed to environmental protection water treatment equipment and product research and design。On the basis of water treatment equipment manufacturing and installation and debugging has accumulated rich experience,Novel process,The technology is advanced,Can provide users with technical equipment*Plan and comprehensive quality of technical services......
How to find high quality water treatment equipment manufacturers?
----The market at present the production of water treatment equipment manufacturers are mainly concentrated in shandong Jiangsu Zhejiang and guangzhou and other places,So as a purchaser to purchase water treatment equipment manufacturers to contentment?Water treatment equipment--Softening procurement first consider the transportation cost and after installation and maintenance work,Of course need according to the principle nearby,In the local suppliers sourcing or similar area......
AngelK7New start,Filter out the water pollution,Healthy drinking water only8Seconds
----With the destruction of the environment,Increasing water pollution problem。To protect our health drinking water problems,Household water purifiers to become21The century of water purification。Water purifier in the Chinese market is a new type electrical appliances,Both in product technology research and development and functional design continuously bring a surprise to the consumer。   In recent days,For promoting a healthier philosophy of drinking water quality,Focus on China's high-end water purifiers experts in the field of water purification angel,Joint Tmall99Big celebration,......


After-sales service

Whether you are our customers、The partner、Dealers,Or have been enthusiastic people who are concerned with the development of ankang,As long as you to our products、Services, and staff have any comments or Suggestions,You can call service hotline ankang customer care center:0851-5773998 Or the free customer service phone 400-677-1869,There will be a full-time staff24Hours to listen to your needs,And timely processing and feedback

The solution

Why do you choose our company?Ankang to provide comprehensive environmental protection water treatment solutions,Adjust measures to local conditions according to the customer's demand,Assist enterprises to reduce industrial costs。We provide the hospital water treatment solutions,Industrial wastewater treatment solutions,Small and medium-sized enterprise solution with water,Pure water solution,Urban sewage treatment solution,Industrial water purification treatment solution。The solution process:The budget--Design--The construction--Quality inspection--Prep--To finish

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