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Dynamic service team

Our sales department consists of a group of energetic sales and service personnel,Their professional about shoes and how to serve a large multinational chain enterprises,With more than three years of actual combat experience mostly。

Efficient lean production line

Since1982Factory since years,The company insists on the equipment investment。By improving the organic combination of people and equipment to improve the comprehensive productivity,Is the company's manufacturing management basic ideas。

Complete quality guarantee system

Since1999Year for the first time throughISO9000Since the quality assurance system,Company in accordance with the international standardized specification requires continuous improvement,So far has been established and implemented a comprehensive quality assurance system。

The professional team of product development

By a more than the company's product development center60The design of the people of experts and shoe master,Now provides including wal-mart、Carrefour、PaylessProduct development and other famous customers to provide quality services。

Advanced enterprise testing center

The company introduced the advanced monitoring equipment,In accordance with international standards established internal independent quality inspection department,To ensure the company material and finished product quality has made an important contribution。

Stable supply chain system

For over 30 years,Company uphold“The good faith、Be responsible for、Pragmatic、Innovation”The management idea,Brought together a large number of outstanding supplier resources in the industry,To ensure the stability of the order material supply。

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